5 Seasons Scent


5 Seasons Scent

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  • The Pastel Clever Mask Clip is here to make mask-wearing a lot more enjoyable. Throughout the day, it provides an aromatically refreshing and soothing scent. It can help you to relieve dizziness. Each of the Pastel-styled scents has been delicately formulated to deliver relaxing pleasure while also uplifting your mood. It is easy to use. Simply clip it onto a face mask and you will feel refreshed right away! 1 pack are including :

    - AFTER THE RAIN: Let the refreshing and earthy scent comfort you, as if you were in a lush green forest after the rain.

    - BLOOMING IN SPRING: Be transported to a garden where colorful flowers are bursting into bloom. It’s a delightful floaty floral scent that awakens your bright and lively mood.

    - MIDNIGHT IN FALL: It is a scent that calms you down during your hectic day, clears your mind, and helps you stay focused. It is reminiscent of restful nights in fall.

    - SUMMER MORNING: Brighten your day and lift your spirits with a fresh yet clean and gentle scent. You will feel like you are waking up to the zesty summer freshness all day.

    - WINTER FROST: Breath in the cool, crisp smell of winter’s air. A fresh minty scent will sure keep you refreshed and revived in the midst of Thailand's heat.




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